MASTER PRINT ELEKTRONIK PVT. LTD. was established in 2019 with the aim of supply professional grade Printed Circuit Boards.

MASTER PRINT is ISO 9001-2015 certified company from MYSURU (India),

MASTER PRINT Lead by a professional technocrat with three decades of exposure, expertise and deep knowledge in PCB at international level is an added advantage to our valued customers. The leader is supported by well qualified and committed team of Managers, Executives and Engineers in PCB Industry.

MASTER PRINT produces PCB's from Single side to Fourty two layers with all applications including MIL Grade PCB's.


Master Print Elektronik is a company with worldwide business in Printed Circuit Boards, different cultures, laws, and opinions are part of our day. Through our business we have been given a great position to be part of and able to make a difference.

We have taken a stance of policy and decided that we will, with the scope of our work, do what we can in the social development.

As a first step we have developed our code of conduct. As a second step we have started to implement this in our process for supplier evaluation, collaboration and follow up.


The purpose with Master Print Elektronik Code of Conduct is to support fair employment, safe working conditions, to prevent discrimination and take responsibility for environmental issues. Our Code of Conduct is expected to be understood and respected within our supply chain, our suppliers including their subcontractors, Master Print Elektronik and partners worldwide.

It is our supplier’s responsibility to ensure that their subcontractors and employees are informed about and comply with our code of conducts.

Our partners are expected to follow relevant laws, regulations and standards in the country of which they operate.

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1. No forced Labor

All employees are free to leave their employment according to applicable laws and agreed conditions. No forced or compulsory labor is used.

2. Conditions of employment

The payments and terms are fair according to national laws and standards and the working hours comply with national laws.

3. Age of employment

No employed person is below the minimum legal age for employment. That is according to ILO Convention No.138 concerning minimum age. The minimum age cannot be lower than the age of completion of mandatory schooling, and in no case below age of 15. Minimum age for hazardous work is the age of 18.

5. Working environment

A safe and healthy work environment is expected for all lines of work. When needed; appropriate health and safety information shall be provided to the employees. Healthy and safe environment includes tolerable temperature and noise level, ventilation, cleanliness, unblocked emergency exits, evacuation plans, fire alarms, appropriate marking and labeling for chemicals and machinery.

6. Environment

Master Print Elektronik expects all suppliers to use environmental resources with great respect. Initiatives which can or will lead to environmental preservation are appreciated and supported. We expect responsibility to be taken in case of non conformance which can constitute a threat for the environment.We shall all strive to continuously improve our own and our supply chains environmental impact.