PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturing

It is essential to understand when to make use of Prototype Services and when to go for Standard PCB manufacturing. Prototype PCB services are used when developing a new project. With Prototype PCB Services, you can test your designs, check for flaws and understand what adjustments need to be made. Prototype PCB services are usually made in small quantity to avoid cost in case of errors. Hence, PCB prototype services allow you to test run your designs and adjust the errors before commencing full production.

Standard PCB manufacturing services involve the production of the actual PCBs you will use in your applications. It takes a longer number of days because of the use of more complex materials and fabrication processes.

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PCB(Printed Circuit Board)Manufacturing

Get your top of the range Standard PCB. We follow the best practices in ensuring that your boards are fully functional and will fit your applications perfectly. Over the years, we have manufactured Standard PCBs for various industries from the telecommunications industry to the Healthcare industry. Our Standard PCB have advanced features capable of giving your applications the quality it deserves. Here is a full list of the capabilities of our Standard PCB.

Why Choose Master Print Elektronik

As professionals in the manufacture of PCB, we offer various qualities that make us different.

We never joke with the quality of PCBs. Our clients over the years trust our services to deliver the best always. Our Standard PCBs are also certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. In addition, our quality control officers ensure the standards are met throughout the stages of production, from manufacturing to packaging.

Affordable Prices: We offer the best prices for standard PCBs on the market. Even at the highest quality, our PCBs are very affordable. We can also always negotiate when you order large quantities of Standard PCBs.

Customer Satisfaction: We ensure our customers are always happy with our products. Hence, we'll always listen to your instructions and complaints if there are any.

PCB Manufacturing Process

The printed circuit board (PCB) acts as the linchpin for almost all of today’s modern electronics. If the device needs to do some sort of computation — such as is the case even with simple items like a digital clock — chances are there’s a PCB inside of it. PCBs bring electronics to life by routing electrical signals where they need to go to satisfy all of the device’s electronic requirements. For this to happen, PCBs are laid with a network of paths outlined in the traces. It’s these copper pathways that allow PCBs to direct electrical currents around their surface.

Single-Sided Circuit Boards
Double-Sided Circuit Boards
Multi-Layer Boards
Flexible and Flex-Rigid Boards
HDI Boards

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